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What is bookmarklet? :

    seyirTURK has an "Online Favorites" system that lets you keep your favorite movies in a list located on our servers, of course this list can be seen ONLY BY YOU, no one can list your "Online Favorites". When you add an item to this list, you can watch it on any device that can run seyirTURK whenever you want.

    There are only two way to add an item in to the "Online Favorites",

    • by our bookmarklet:
        While surfing internet with your favorite browser (Chrome, Firefox etc) ,suppose that, you saw a movie but you don't have time to watch it, don't worry just click our bookmarklet which is in your browser bookmarks, it will add the movie to your "Online Favorites", then whenever you want it will be ready to be watched.
    • by seyirTURK's sub menu:
      • seyirTURK Apps has an sub menu that can let you add items to your "Online Favorites" while surfing seyirTURK lists, when you see any item that you want to watch later you can use this menu to add item to the your own "Online Favorites"


    How can you use it? :

    • Catch and drop above bookmarklet icon to your bookmarks bar on your browser. Then enter the member area of our support forum then when you are on any video page (vk, mailru and youtube videos are supported) just click to the bookmarklet, you prompted entering desired video name(if you want change suggested name) or just hit enter. then your video should be added to your Online Favortes in seyirTURK.

    You can watch video about using bookmarklet.

    Do you need help? If so please visit our support forum.

    Thank you very much for using seyirTURK side applications.
    Have fun with us :)

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