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What is List Creator? :

    seyirTURK, keeps movie list as an xml file, its structure is very important, like other pc programing languages, every single character has some spesific meaning to seyirTURK.
    Additionally this kind of file creation is requiring some basic computer usage skills.
    We prepare this tool for our users who are not able to prepare xml files with their knowledge. You can create your own xml files by this tool very easily.
    Then you can use created xml files with seyirTURK, please visit forum for further help about List Creator and using created xml files within seyirTURK.

    List Creator

    How can you use it? :

    Please visit List Creator topic in our support forum.

    You can watch video about using List Creator

    Do you need help? If so please visit our support forum. Thank you very much for using seyirTURK side applications.
    Have fun with us :)

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